Apple Dulce de Leche Raisin Babka

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Apple Dulce de Leche Raisin Babka



150g Bread Flour
250g All purpose flour
70g Sugar
7g  Salt
10g Yeast
100g Eggs
60g Yolks
130g Conaprole Milk
160g Flechard Buttler


Apple Raisin Filling:

DLA Apple Fruit Filling
Sunny Farms California Raisins
Bravo Condensed Milk



  1. Mix all ingredients except the butter in a mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment.
  2. Mix for about 5 minutes till it forms a soft dough.
  3. Add the butter and continue mixing until the dough forms a tight gluten strands (window pane test).
  4. Cling wrap the dough and then rest in the freezer, minimum of 6 hours or best overnight.
  5. While frozen or chilled, roll the dough and fill it with apple filling and lots of plumed california raisins.
  6. Roll the dough encasing the filling.
  7. Rest the dough in the chiller to relax the gluten and for much easier cutting.
  8. Cut the dough lengthwise and twist both of the dough, layers sided upwards.
  9. Transfer to a greases load pan and let proof for 20-30 minutes or until the dough is double in size.
  10. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the top and sided are golden brown.
  11. Once baked and removed from the oven, spread with condensed milk.


You may watch the video demo here! 👇

Apple Dulce de Leche Raisin Babka Video Demo